World of Short Selling

Episode #8 - Gabe Bernarde (Viceroy Research)

December 6, 2019

This episode contains the following (rough timestamps);

0.15 How did Gabe start at Viceroy through PI work

6.00 Difference in fraud across geographies

7.10 Gabe’s specific focus  

8.10 Sourcing of ideas  

9.10 Being CC’ed to consumer complaints

10.10 Screening of ideas

13.00 Decision-making regarding publishing a report

15.10 Dreaded timing of short selling

19.00 Best and worst trade

24.00 Instagram feed and fake-wig test

28.20 Athenex (ATNX) and why is still a short 

51.50 Pretium (PVG) thesis also holds

56.00 Prosieben (PSM) has likely played out, but the business model is still questionable 

58.00 Capitec (CPI) potentially one of the most abusive financial institutions

64.40 Shorting outside of US – The German experience and scare tactics against critics

71.00 Closing remarks on Mimedix (MDXG)

72.40 Shorting after the first major drop

82.50 Who calls Gabe – Gabe from Spiceboy Research 

84.00 The most ridiculous response of the management

88.00 Why the name Viceroy?

89.00 What would Gabe do differently if he had to do it all over again?

Finally, here is Gabe’s Twitter and Viceroy’s website.

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