World of Short Selling

Episode #2 - Adam Gefvert, CFA

October 25, 2019

This episode contains the following;

  • Adam’s start in short selling during the financial crisis
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and small-caps
  • Trading in the small-cap space and story of DCGD
  • Adam’s Medical Device focus
  • Adam’s best short yet, still actionable? – TRXC
  • How Adam handles expertise in the medical device space
  • Adam’s worst trade – bankruptcy stock
  • How Adam deals with short squeezes
  • Adam’s edge in short selling
  • Short selling opportunity in BSGM
  • A possible scam Adam is now researching
  • Adam’s thoughts on shorting outside the US
  • Adam’s favourite fraud story, short seller and response of the management
  • What would be Adam’s business if he were to be a fraudster

Below you can find tickers of companies we discussed and are still trading;

  • Discovery Gold (DCGD)
  • Resonant (RESN)
  • TransEnterix (TRXC)
  • Apyx Medical (APYX)
  • BioSig (BSGM) – current favourite of Adam
  • Longfin (LFIN)
  • ReneSola (SOL) – Adam is currently researching

Finally here is Adam’s Seeking Alpha profile, Twitter and website.

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