World of Short Selling
Episode #16 - Edwin Dorsey

Episode #16 - Edwin Dorsey

September 28, 2020

I chat with Edwin about the following;

  1. What has he learned from his newsletter and what is he doing next 
  2. Which activist shorts campaign has been overlooked
  3. How is he increasingly using FOIA requests
  4. Which campaign was flawed and what is he looking at now

...and much more. 

Be sure to check out his new offer for the Bear Cave subscribers!  

Episode #15 - Edwin Dorsey

Episode #15 - Edwin Dorsey

March 8, 2020

This episode contains the following and rough timestamps;

0.20 What made Edwin impersonate Harvey Weinstein on babysitting platform

18.00 Why and Stanford got involved and wanted to take down the article

40.00 How is Edwin using documents from Attorney Generals and other sources

48.00 What value does Edwin see in Stanford studies?

52.00 What does he read

57.00 What is Edwin going to do after Stanford

1.02.00 What is Edwin focusing on now

1.12.00 Why are consumer complaints sent to AG worthwhile research source

1.24.00 Edwin’s favourite reports written by others

1.39.00 Edwin’s problem with the definition of edge

Finally, here is Edwin’s Twitter and link to his newsletter.

Episode #13 - Jeremy Raper

Episode #13 - Jeremy Raper

January 17, 2020

This episode contains the following and rough timestamps;

0.00 Credit mentality and short-selling

10.00 Market oddities – BB bond yielding 1.5% in a distressed potash business

24.20 Balance-sheet driven focus and looking for companies that are forced to grow

31.00 Why is Jeremy not primarily focused on fraud

39.00 Peleton and the question of trading (Netflix)

43.30 One thing Jeremy took away from shorting Tesla

50.10 Jeremy’s best and worst trades (Quicksilver and cannabis stocks)

58.00 How does Jeremy think about timing – looking for zeros

61.00 Shorting NIO (NIO)

78.00 Jeremy’s best short pick now – Westshore (WTE.TO)

89.00 What would Jeremy do more of if he were to start all over again

Finally, here is Jeremy’s twitter and his website.

Episode #2 - Adam Gefvert, CFA

Episode #2 - Adam Gefvert, CFA

October 25, 2019

This episode contains the following;

  • Adam’s start in short selling during the financial crisis
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and small-caps
  • Trading in the small-cap space and story of DCGD
  • Adam’s Medical Device focus
  • Adam’s best short yet, still actionable? – TRXC
  • How Adam handles expertise in the medical device space
  • Adam’s worst trade – bankruptcy stock
  • How Adam deals with short squeezes
  • Adam’s edge in short selling
  • Short selling opportunity in BSGM
  • A possible scam Adam is now researching
  • Adam’s thoughts on shorting outside the US
  • Adam’s favourite fraud story, short seller and response of the management
  • What would be Adam’s business if he were to be a fraudster

Below you can find tickers of companies we discussed and are still trading;

  • Discovery Gold (DCGD)
  • Resonant (RESN)
  • TransEnterix (TRXC)
  • Apyx Medical (APYX)
  • BioSig (BSGM) – current favourite of Adam
  • Longfin (LFIN)
  • ReneSola (SOL) – Adam is currently researching

Finally here is Adam’s Seeking Alpha profile, Twitter and website.

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